12 Promises

"12-Promises" is a brand new (spring 2014) educational video about early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 12-Promises is a movie that changes lives!

"How am I going to have friends who don’t use drugs?.. How is that going to work?...
The Promises are what kept me sober."

12-PROMISES is a powerful film in which teens talk the truth to other teens about how AFTER they reclaimed their lives, they stay sober and develop friendships and start enjoying life.

Share this inspiring message with families, adolescents, staff and community members to develop important dialog on building and maintaining recovery.

To order the DVD contact Jack V Sinclair at jsinclair@cox.net or call 405-842-2334

"12-Promises" is now available for sale at $149.50 directly to me at jsinclair@cox.net

12 Recovery

This 45 minute documentary shows young alcoholics and drug addicts that are seeking a better way of life through a process called RECOVERY.

I have been working in the recovery field for over 25 years, and this is the first time an addictions video has actually caught and kept my attention. I have seen a zillion of them over the years &always hoping to find a good one that wouldn't make young people roll their eyes. TWELVE has it all: an honest message, amazing graphics that capture your attention and keep it, normal looking/believable people, and music that moves it along and highlights the story without being intrusive or disruptive. This movie is made by talented people who have an inside track on addiction - it's real and as raw as recovery gets. STUNNING.

Annette Stout

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Master Addictions Counselor

Certified Clinical Supervisor